Adventure 132: Hack & Slash

The new crew is back for you! In Adventure 132 we're hacking our way through classic D&D, talking about house rules, rules hacks, and the beautiful elasticity of the game. We give example of common house rules, complete rules overhauls that have their roots in classic D&D, offer advice on ...

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Adventure 131: Swords & Wizardry Light

After hovering on Death's Door for a few rounds, Save or Die continues! Save or Die: Expert Edition bursts on to the scene with Swords & Wizardry Light - an ultralight folio sized incarnation of the flagship Frog God Games fantasy roleplaying game. Join DM James, DM Vince, TM Erik, ...

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Episode 130: End of the Year Email Hot Tub

Taking a break from the cold, your DMigoes once again relax in the Email Hot Tub and catch up on (most) of 2016's email bag. Discussions about prior shows (especially Jon Peterson's view on saving throws), gaming stories, and opinions abound in this final Save or Die show for 2016. ...

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Episode 129: Save vs. The Hero's Journey

Your favorite SoD-casters are on a journey... The Hero's Journey that is! Attack of the Clones returns with this new RPG from James Spahn and Barrel Rider Games. Thrills, chills, and Original D&D and 1st edition Ad&D living together, mass hysteria! All this and more awaits you in this episode ...

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Episode 128: Save vs. Pacesetter Games

We at Save or Die do our best to review the products and companies of the Old School Renaissance, and as part of that effort we invited onto the show Bill Barsh, president of Pacesetter Games and Simulations. Pacesetter was one of the first companies to produce OSR compatible modules ...

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Magical Library Shelves

Magical Library Shelves There are times when the harried Dungeon Master needs to populate a Magic User’s library with some tomes that aren’t spell books. After all, there is certainly much theory involved with magic that go beyond a mere recitation of spells! Below is given a table for random books that might be found

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Cantrips: For Magic Users in Basic/Expert D&D

The Cantrip is a tiny spell created by practicing students of the magical arts during their apprenticeship and while a minor dweomer they still have some uses to the adventuring Magic-User. Elves do not obtain cantrips at first level as they don’t learn such in their youth, though a friendly Magic User may teach them at a later date….