Save or Die Podcast Adventure #24: Ninja Chimera?

Join the crew this week as they talk about different types of Diseases and how players deal with it, then chat a bit about the Cleric turning system. Before talking about creatures this week, they talk about designing your own customer creature, then a (ninja) Chimera attacks for the random encounter of the show! The show ends with a review of B8: Journey to the Rock, getting 2.25 Dragons. Drop us an email at saveordiepodcast(at) or give our voiceline a call 5702907283!

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  2. mark morrison

    Here’s my new monster

    FREQUENCY: very rare
    NO. APPEARING: 1-12
    ARMOR CLASS: -7or 6
    MOVE: 18″ or 12″
    HIT DICE: 4+4
    % IN LAIR: 0 %
    DAMAGE / ATTACK: 1-8/1-8
    SPECIAL ATTACKS: drain age
    MAGIC RESISTANCE: standard
    INTELLIGENCE: exceptional
    ALIGNMENT: choatic good
    SIZE: small
    Attack / Defence Modes : nil

    Wildgeists are the spirits of Treants,that has died from a sudden and violent death. The Treants return as Wildgeists to avenge the one or ones that has killed it. They appear as bright balls of light ( sometimes they are mistaken as will-o-wisps ) in day or night. They will roam the area up to 60 miles away from where it was killed, looking for the one’s who killed it.

    A Wildgeist has two forms. First is it’s spirit form. Appearing as a large glowing ball of light ( around 3′ dia.), a Wildgeist has no attack ability’s in this form. It’s quick ability to fly will get it out of most predicament’s. The second form is the shape of a 4′ tall wooden humanoid. It takes only 1 round to change shape. A Wildgeist uses it’s fists to attack. When a player takes damage from a blow, the players must make a save vs. spell or be aged 4-24 years.

  3. Thorkie

    Interesting show.
    Condolences to Mikey.

    I’ve never been a big fan of diseases in the game. Never saw the point, as most everything baneful has a counter mechanic to remove it with the disease having little to no lingering effect on the character, or in the scope of the adventure/game. (See cleric’s spell: cure disease)Monsters I only create to fill a void, or for a new adventure; I am adament about adventures having at least 1 new monster in them!

    As to the B8, I’ve never read it, owned it, or likely will, now. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Drance

    For the thief skills, I love the Lamentations of the Flame Princess d6 system for them. The same mechanic is also used for other common things that a character may have to do during a game. I always hated the percentile-based system from the various D&D editions. They made the thief so inept/useless at low levels, IMHO.

  5. mothshade

    It often surprises me when long-time D&D gamers are unaware of the origins of mythological monsters. So many D&D monsters are from Greek myth and Greek myth seems to be the one just about everyone knows.

    I actually have an original demon lord that is essentially a humanoid chimera. He’s a lot of fun.

    For myself, I am in the habit of modifying existing monsters as well as creating setting-specific new monsters or variants. Often to suit an adventure idea – but also just when certain alterations just seem to make sense or seem “cool.” My extremely rare race of humanoid basilisk-men that often come to lead tribes of lizardmen is one example of something I just found cool at the time.

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