Side Adventure 19: Save VS Creeping Cold

In this Side Adventure Carl & Courtney are joined by Silver Bullete as they talk about their current project Creeping Cold a module for 5E and Swords & Wizardry. Links for the show: Creeping Cold on Kickstarter Facebook Page: Twitter: Vince’s Blog – Vince’s TheEvilDM Youtube OSR – Support the show

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Save or Die Podcast #60 “Barrowmaze”

This episode we are joined by Greg Gillespie, the author of the Labyrinth Lord adventure “Barrowmaze”, a megadungeon published earlier this year. The group discusses the adventure, noting its Classic Fantasy inspirations and its value for those desiring long-term megadungeon adventures! Check it out at: Don’t forget to drop us an email at saveordiepodcast(at)

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Save or Die Podcast # 47 – Interview with Bruce Heard

DM Vince sits down with Former TSR Bruce Heard. They speak about his history of he got started in gaming and talk about Mystara! Bruce can be found on facebook or at his blog – — Please note Bruce did call in via phone to do this interview. DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS