Adventure 158: Save vs Jason Charles Miller

The Sodcast is joined by musician, actor, and gamer Jason Charles Miller. We’ll talk about basic D&D. Jason’s work in music and acting. And his new show On Tour With Dragons! Show links On Tour With Dragons Episode 1 Jason Charles Miller’s Twitch Wild Games Productions Discord Server OSR Podcasts MeWe group

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Side Adventure 19: Save VS Creeping Cold

In this Side Adventure Carl & Courtney are joined by Silver Bullete as they talk about their current project Creeping Cold a module for 5E and Swords & Wizardry. Links for the show: Creeping Cold on Kickstarter Facebook Page: Twitter: Vince’s Blog – Vince’s TheEvilDM Youtube OSR – Support the show

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Save or Die Podcast #60 “Barrowmaze”

This episode we are joined by Greg Gillespie, the author of the Labyrinth Lord adventure “Barrowmaze”, a megadungeon published earlier this year. The group discusses the adventure, noting its Classic Fantasy inspirations and its value for those desiring long-term megadungeon adventures! Check it out at: Don’t forget to drop us an email at saveordiepodcast(at)

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