Save or Die Podcast Adventure #22: Dragon-Kin?

Join Vince, Glen and Julie as they chat about monsters that drain abilities vs level and which is better? Then the cast introducing a new segment called the Dungeon Master’s Workshop, talking about designing main encounters for your campaign. In Random Encounters they talk about Dragon-kin, and finish up the adventure with a review of B6: The Veiled Society! The cast was a bit silly this week, so sit back relax and have a few good laughs!

7 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #22: Dragon-Kin?”

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  2. Evil Eli

    When is Mike or Liz coming back?

    Julie is fine as a guest host but frankly her constant giggling,insane cracking and side tangents is really starting to get annoying.

    • JulieH

      They’re always waking me up first thing on a Saturday to be on the show- and you expect self control????

  3. Evil Eli

    Hey Julie,

    First thing in the morning is always tough row to hoe.

    You have a lot gaming knowledge and experience and it is great to listen to your experiences, but it is hard to follow what you are saying some times, due to all the giggling and cross/over talk.

  4. Gameogre

    Bah! Julie rocks! Not that I don’t miss Liz,but Julie is fun to listin to as well. Also cross over talk is one of the best was personality comes through and one of the reasons you guys are so fun to listin to. Well you know……to a point.

  5. mothshade

    Funny – the current Basic-Expert campaign I’m putting together deals with “dragon substitutes” quite a lot.

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