Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Tracy Hickman

February 26, 2011 Off By Executive Producer Vincent

In this very interview, DM Vince and DM Chrispy sit down with Dragonlance creator and author, Tracy Hickman and talk about how he got started, advice on writing, and various questions from the community. Not all questions had been asked, as Tracy will be back for Part 2 in a few weeks. Check out: The new Scribe’s Forge Writing Seminars: which deals with the structure of story and the business of publishing in a new media age.

The XDM: Xtreme Dungeon Mastery core book now available on Kindles. which deals with radical approaches to role playing and refereeing role playing games.

And the upcoming online serial novel Blackshore. which also addresses the topic of new media publishing.

Tracy offers listeners a special coupon to buy the books on Dragons Bard or to sign up for any of the Scribe’s Forge Writing Seminars by using Coupon Code “savequest” for 20% OFF! So sit back, relax and enjoy this hour long chat!

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