The Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Jean Wells

DM Vincent sits down with TSR’s Jean Wells, as she answers some much wondered questions about the infamous B3 Module the Palace of the Silver Princess, and why the module was redone. Jean also tells about her time at TSR and what happened afterwards in her life. So sit back and relax, enjoy the interview. This is the first time Jean wells (to my knowledge) has done a voice interview. So this is a SOD Exclusive interview, that’s right you heard her here first!

6 comments on “The Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Jean Wells”

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  2. Death Metal Nightmare

    hey, great listen! im glad she had time to do it and share her stories! it will be awesome to have people help out to get her module shared with everyone. very awesome that people are helping out! that got me pumped.

  3. Scott Casper

    The sad thing is that Jean’s experience so soured her on gaming that she never became a gamer. She was ahead of her time in terms of bringing literary sensibilities to the game setting and it would be interesting to speculate what TSR would have been like circa 1981 had her contributions been embraced and emulated.

  4. DMSamuel

    Hey everyone, I just heard the sad sad news that Jean Wells passed away on January 25th. Rest In Peace Jean.

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