The Save or Die Podcast Adventure #3: Save vs Venger

Join the crew this week as they reach into the mailbag with some feedback. A new logo is introduced on the website. So sit back and relax and listen to DM Fiat about sample dungeons, then talk about the doppleganger in Randon Encounters, and then end the show with a little chatter about the D&D Cartoon! and join us on facebook..

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  1. Death Metal Nightmare

    heres my D&D Cartoon take:

    i was probably about 5 and already well aware of D&D cause of my older brother letting me sit in on box set games with his friends (i wanted to be a Halfling!). as soon as i seen the promo on Saturday morning i was super amped up. cartoon starts and what absolutely kills it? the weak @$$ bow wrapping around monsters! booo!! hiss! if a 5-year old can figure it out that sucks – come on censor board.

  2. Robert

    The thing that bothered me most about it was that the “classes” and magic-items of the main characters seemed so removed from the game. And to a lesser extent the fact that there was a DM character. Still, I liked it and watched it regularly.

    • Robert

      I meant to say “the cartoon” somewhere in that, but I guess it was obvious what I was talking about.

  3. Havard of Blackmoor

    My favorite part of this one is the talk about the Temple of the Frog and Blackmoor. My site (link above) has lots of downloads for Blackmoor available. 🙂

  4. Simlasa

    Is it really that ‘rare’ to have a player who could pull off the doppleganger thing? Our DM would just pass one of a note saying, “You are now This… here are your powers and some possible motivations… have fun!”
    It sounds like hoot to be ‘nominated’ to play the critter.

  5. mothshade

    “Steve the alien” in the Temple of the Frog was a human interstellar explorer from another world and the concept seemed a likely precursor to AD&D’s Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Arneson utilized a lot of “lost alien technology” in Blackmoor and always made me wonder if he was a big fan of Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane stories.

  6. mothshade

    Wow – do you guys ever simplify and generalize the D&D cartoon. Not that I blame you.

    For the most part, the kids didn’t know how to use their items to the fullest – in fact, Presto’s problems with his hat served as a running gag through the series. Not that it was all that complicated for most of the items – put up the hood of the invisibility cloak, hit things with the club, shoot things with that crazy energy bow, etc. They also never knew where to go and relied upon Dungeon Master in most cases to point the way – usually as a means of finding a way back home.

    I mostly recall it being cool to see all the Fiend Folio monsters in every other episodes. But introducing Tiamat to “first-level characters” (not that there is ever any indication of character level that I ever noticed – just classes) was a simple explanation of one of the subplots of Venger vs. Tiamat and an excuse to play on the conflict to occasionally carry the day. As for Lolth – I never assumed they “killed” her by dumping her down the pit. I had assumed she fell back into the Abyss or something. Lolth was a “weenie?” Perhaps – but giving her 66 hp in the first place always seemed a bit silly to me.

    I remember being surprised by Diana’s fur bikini outfit and thinking how utterly racist it seemed to put the token black character in what was essentially a primitive “tribal-looking” costume while everyone else is in normal medieval-fantasy garb.

    Uni was the Scrappy-Doo of the show. Gorge-inducing, to say the least.

    Having the entire series on DVD and watching it now, years after the fact, I nearly choke on the cheese of it all – but I imagine it was difficult to craft a faithful representation of the game in that format.

    Just my thoughts. I enjoyed the podcast very much.

    • DM Vincent

      Where? It seems to work fine streaming and downloaded.

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