Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 62: Email Bag

Save or Die Podcast #62 Email Bag!

In this episode of Save or Die! DMs Glen, Mike, and Liz go through the accumulated emails and voice mails down in the dungeon…but we don’t kick Glen down the stairs this time. Honest! We found him that way!

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1 comment on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 62: Email Bag”

  1. VikShade

    I am blown away. I didn’t write those emails thinking that you guys would read EVERY one of them on the air. I am flattered and I will walking with my chest out and my chin high for the rest of the week.
    If I ever find myself in the area, I would absolutely have rum with DM Glen and trade party wipe stories.
    And on a side note, I don’t like Buffy and I hate Angel. I don’t relate Serenity to Joss Wheadon, although I guess he deserves all the credit for it. I take it for what it is and love it for the characters (all adults mind you, except for the one crazy girl). It took me till around 2008 or 2009 to finally give the show a chance, because it was cowboys in space, and I am not a fan of westerns either. When I finally gave it a chance I fully understood all the hype and cult love of a terrific show, which is the work of a talented team of actors and creators, not just some hack vampire teen drama writer.

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