Save or Die Podcast Adventure #46: A new show!?

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  1. mothshade

    “Taco.” I could just sit and listen to DM Mike lament the follies of his students’ answers on papers. Comedy electrum, at the very least.

    Welcome back – and just in time! I had made my way through the entire run and finished as of yesterday.
    I want to thank you for un-moderating me. It will be nice to comment in near-real time. In fact, here come a bunch of comments below.

    I love my Van Richten’s Guides. I hope Glen manages to acquire copies of his very own.

    The one time my friends and I established domains, we ended up turning on each other and trying to conquer our neighbors. That was even more fun than clearing the wilderness and founding our own realms in the first place.

    When we did planar travel, it was always as a means to get from place to place – there was never any wandering the spheres at random. We would traverse a portal from point to point (usually somewhere in the Hells or Abyss), or utilize a spell/item to do the same. We never got into exploring the planes.

    I always wanted to find the wizard, Gargantua, and kick him right in the material components. One of the worst back stories (and names) ever.

    The worm in Beetlejuice was a sand worm (from “Saturn”) – which always reminded me of Dune.

    The art in the three brown books often reminded me of a bad imitation of Jack Kirby. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were cribbed from comic books of the time.

  2. thedmdave

    Greetings from the antipodes, friends. I got the Mentzer red box for xmas in 1984, I believe, pretty much when it was released in Australia, and was utterly and irredeemably hooked on D&D. Inking in those nylon dice with the crayon from the box is one of my sweetest childhood memories. I ran games for my friends with red box and then the blue box, until Rob moved into our neighborhood with the swanky hardcover 1st edition Ad&d books. Suddenly we all felt like babies, and somehow or other forked out for those books (SLOW mail order in those days!). I am ashamed to say that for the longest time I became a dreadful Ad&d snob- I liked the Moldvay books and the wonderful Erol Otus art, but somehow could never bring myself to seriously look over the rules again.
    Running a weekly 1st edition game again every week for a year changed that, as did finding your show. I love Gary but dislike now the esoteric nature of those 1st edition books. That game is still running, but due to the popularity of old school at our club, I’m starting a SECOND weekly game using classic D&D. At Wollongong University we now have more people playing 1st edition and classic D&D than either 4e or Pathfinder. Thanks for the inspiration, chums- I am directing my players to your podcast.
    Oh, and Glen, I carry my Rules Cyclopedia with me everywhere too. It has an INDEX!

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