Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Tim Kask


In this very episode, Vince, Mike and Liz sit down and speak to Tim Kask about how he first met Gary Gygax, and how he became employeed at TSR. Tim also tells us a secret about how Magic Missle was changed, and he blames it all on himself. Sit back and relax as you listen to this interview.

7 comments on “Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Tim Kask”

  1. Nathaniel

    Excellent interview.

    He had lots of interesting stuff to say. Mr. Kask definitely has my gratitude for magic missiles that automatically hit.

    My only disappointment is hearing him speak out of ignorance about newer RPGs. To speak about it as if the players are consulting tables like actuaries and figuring out their chance of success and declining encounters is baffling.

    Everyone’s allowed to like what they like and not like what they don’t like though.

  2. Eldrad


    What a great podcast! Mr. Krask is really an interesting character and he needs to be interviewed more.

  3. ant

    This was an excellent interview and I pretty much agree with most of Tim’s comments. Good work!

  4. Death Metal Nightmare

    love it! always enjoy all the interviews and the history behind all of the D&D games. much appreciated from both sides of the interview!

  5. Scott Casper

    I finally tried this new-fangled podcast-thingie and the thing I got out of this Tim Kask interview the most was the collaborative process on designing the original supplements and where the inspiration came from for psionics. I never would have guessed it; I always assumed there were some sci fi books from the 1970s I hadn’t read where that came from.

  6. mothshade

    Just let the man talk and I will listen. What a phenomenal experience. As a D&D player since around 1978, it was a lot of fun to hear about some of the development and interaction that led to the early editions and incarnations of the game. Thank you so much.

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