Save or Die Podcast Adventure 1

This is our introduction show, where you meet the hosts (Vince, Liz and Mike), and learn about the segments in the show. Join them as they talk about classic D&D, with things such as to why there is so many box sets, the Thoul, and a review of B1!

Adventure 01

11 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure 1”

  1. Matt

    Nice work. I especially enjoyed the use of the “Love Theme from Incredible Hulk” as your closing music. I look forward to future podcasts.

  2. DM Vincent

    Thank you very much. I think the theme fit the ending well and matching the time frame of the podcast πŸ™‚

    • DM Mike


      “Don’t make Vince angry….You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!”

      Thanks for the kind words Matt!


  3. bliss_infinite

    Fun cast!
    I started out with Holmes too and when everybody moved onto ‘Advanced’, Holmes basic was kinda looked down upon but it was always my go-to game. I’ve always liked the rule-lite concept of most any game especially RPGs.

  4. bliss_infinite

    Oh, one other thing, I played the heck out of B1 which came with my Holmes set. It’s a great module on two levels that can be, at times, quite a challenge to map for new players. The filling in of treasure and monsters was a challenge for me as a new RPG player but now I look back on that concept as pure genius. More mods should be set up that way. B2 is good too.

  5. DM Mike

    Hey bliss_infinite,

    Agreed; the more I read and re-read B1 the more I’m impressed. If possible I’d like to have Mike Carr on the podcast and get his opinion of how B1 was created and how its stood after 30 years!

    DM Mike

  6. Alex Schroeder

    Use for the Thoul: I’d use them as freshly created creatures in the vats of a necromancer that sells them to hobgoblin kings.

  7. DM Mike

    Hm. That’s a pretty good idea actually. Not only explains how they combined, but why you probably wouldn’t run into them much outside of a Hobgoblin King’s court. Thanks for the idea!

    DM Mike

  8. mothshade

    Just discovered your podcast and delight in listening to “my people” discuss the greatness of the game. Looking forward to the rest of the series and more to come. Long may you wave.

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