The Save or Die Podcast: Side Adventure #4

Vince, Mike, Liz, Glen and Chrispy are all here to read the emails and basically answer some questions. For all you MST3K fans, we’ve included two special themes on the show, one in the beginning, which any MST3K fan should be able to pick out, and the often not so much heard KTMA theme of the show. Enjoy! saveordiepodcast(at) — I know I know, I Called it adventure 3… when its 4…sorry!

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  2. The Secret DM™

    Thank you so much everyone for responding to my question — loved hearing about everyone’s characters/villains. To be honest, I was originally going to avoid the requirement for the favorite character being “classic related”, but I wanted to avoid hearing about fave characters from other RPG’s or characters made for later editions like 2e or 3e, because they have a different “feel” from how characters used to be built.

    And I’ve just got to say that DM Vince’s character, Sir Ashton of Blackmoor (sp?), reminded me very much of LEEROY JENKINS!!!! — of WoW/Youtube fame.

    Loved the rest of the Q&A too — and I was personally very happy to hear DM Vince took the time to look up Erin’s website and confirm his gender in the midst of the recording. Erin’s put a lot of time and hard work into his Chimera RPG system, and he’s also the author of the “Building the Perfect Class” article (, which I referenced in one my “Adding New Classes to Basic D&D” article here at

    Again, great job, everyone! Looking forward to hearing more!


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