Adventure 142 – Strongholds

Save or Die returns after a long winter’s slumber to bring you more pulse pounding Classic D&D Action! This episode we talk about how to ease in stronghold building and name level into your classic D&D games and ways to tie characters to the game world with tangible rewards that focus on engaging them into the wider campaign world at large.

Sidenote: we are aware that Chrispy mentions Black Friday is coming up, but life got in the way and it sat in the editing room for a while, we apologize and forgive us 😀

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1 comment on “Adventure 142 – Strongholds”

  1. jeffcrowson

    A lot of players have a need to organize their experience. Progressing to ownership of an area can be very satisfying for them. This is a great buy in for them.
    Good conversation!

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