Adventure 133 – Class Act: Thieves!

Class Act: Thieves
In this episode DM James and DM Glen slip into back stab position to talk about B/X Thieves in all their incarnations! We start by talking about what makes a thief unique from other classes as well as their place in an adventuring party, then they get devious as they discuss how to use those classic thief abilities in new and dastardly ways. Follow this up with tips for DMs on how to design adventures that appeal to and highlight those abilities for your thief players, ways to customize the thief to suit your campaign, and the complexities a Thieves Guild can bring to your campaign.

They close out by discussing magic items that are of particular use to thieves and highly some particularly stealthy monsters like the Creeper and Invisible Stalker. So get your poison dagger ready and check for traps, it’s Adventure 133 – Class Act: Thieves!

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