Episode 129: Save vs. The Hero’s Journey

Your favorite SoD-casters are on a journey… The Hero’s Journey that is! Attack of the Clones returns with this new RPG from James Spahn and Barrel Rider Games. Thrills, chills, and Original D&D and 1st edition Ad&D living together, mass hysteria! All this and more awaits you in this episode of the greatest Classic Dungeons & Dragons Podcast on the web!

Sites mentioned in this episode:

Barrel Rider Games

DrivethruRPG Barrel Rider Games (with The Hero’s Journey in pdf)

Lulu – The Hero’s Journey (hardcover)

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1 comment on “Episode 129: Save vs. The Hero’s Journey”

  1. Darva

    Regarding the email question from Nick Zimmerman, who asked for recommendations on a AD&D type OSR game.

    Basic Fantasy RPG http://www.basicfantasy.org
    BFRPG uses ascending AC and 3e/d20 style Saves, and has class and race separated like in AD&D. Initiative is d6, but is simple enough that you can just use a d10 instead and use the same modifiers and method.

    Nice shameless plug for DCC though, even while admitting it is not what Nick was asking for 🙁

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