Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 6: Thunder Kats, HOOOOO!

The Trio reach down in the mail bag this week and read off a bunch of letters. Awesome thank for those! Then they fall down into a random dungeon, and decide, did they bring the right equipment with them? Mike didn’t 🙂 Then in Random Encounters they speak about the Dungeon Ecology, or the Zoo slaughter house theory, how do monsters get along down there, how do they eat? Products of your imagination we talk about Cartoons from the ’80s that we all grew up watching and how it affected you games.. Ok so we went a little nutes here on talking cartoons, but its all in fun! Join us on facebook, give us a 5 Star comment review on iTunes. Tell your friends.. Tell your neighbor… tell your dog. Thanks to everyone that supports us!

5 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 6: Thunder Kats, HOOOOO!”

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  2. GM_Glenno

    Blasphemy! Moldvay Basic does not have a typo! If you read the variable weapon damage table PROPERLY, you will find that it says OPTIONAL.

    Seriously, like you guys said, the concept of variable weapon damage didn’t come out until the ‘Greyhawk’ supplement; and it appears Moldvay payed homage to the original rules here. In practice, though, I think you’d find most people were using the variable ‘Greyhawk’ weapon damage rules by 1980.

    In fact ‘Greyhawk’ was a major modification to the original little 3 books, and probably rates its own show episode to discuss how it revolutionised the D&D game…

    Keep up the good work guys – I’m loving it!

  3. Chris

    Just curious as to the reason for an optional set of rules on weapon damage. I always assumed it was one of two reasons:

    1) If people didn’t have the polyhedral dice and had to use regular dice.

    2) If you started out in speed play and used d6 to begin with and then if people wanted to play again, use the optional rules. (why teach people abou tthe dice AND the rules at the same time.)

    As far as the dungen gear, if players, old and new, didnt want to spend time (or forgot) to buy or write down gear I used the 3 gear kits listed in one of the basic modules. Looked but I can’t find find which one but I copied it and have it in my homerules printouts and still use it to this day!

    As far as myself as a player, ALWAYS had the 50′ rope, a sack of marbles and oil flasks.

  4. Tim

    I like when games have optional rules in them (like the variable damage for weapons rule). I guess I’m more of a modern gamer in that I like the variable damage. I can see the simplicity of using only D6 damage because all weapons can be deadly, and also because it would make each hit less deadly to the PCs.

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