Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 6: Thunder Kats, HOOOOO!

September 5, 2010 Off By Executive Producer Vincent

The Trio reach down in the mail bag this week and read off a bunch of letters. Awesome thank for those! Then they fall down into a random dungeon, and decide, did they bring the right equipment with them? Mike didn’t 🙂 Then in Random Encounters they speak about the Dungeon Ecology, or the Zoo slaughter house theory, how do monsters get along down there, how do they eat? Products of your imagination we talk about Cartoons from the ’80s that we all grew up watching and how it affected you games.. Ok so we went a little nutes here on talking cartoons, but its all in fun! Join us on facebook, give us a 5 Star comment review on iTunes. Tell your friends.. Tell your neighbor… tell your dog. Thanks to everyone that supports us!