Episode 108: Save vs. Basic Fantasy RPG

We return once again to the piranha-tank that is “Attack of the Clones!” The DMigos are joined by guest DMs Corbett of the Gag Men Adventure-Design Podcast and the author of Basic Fantasy Role-playing Game himself, Chris “Solomoriah” Gonnerman. We pick apart the BFRPG game, ask the author awkward questions, and generally talk about how Mike is mostly wrong.


Sites Discussed on the Show:

Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Gag Men Podcast

1 Player Podcast: Outdoor Survival

Raging Owlbear

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3 comments on “Episode 108: Save vs. Basic Fantasy RPG”

  1. Angry Monk

    Oh yeah, baby! Been waiting a long time for this one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Barliman

    Great podcast, Save-Or-Die-Meisters! I thought I had enough OSR clones of B/X in my collection, but you’ve convinced me (or used your mind-control rays to make me) to buy Basic Fantasy and a couple of supplements. It sounds like it has some very nice ideas at least worth stealing… er…. “borrowing.”

  3. MartyW

    Thanks for the shout out to Raging Owlbear… A couple of comments.

    My issue (forgive the pun) with Dragon+ is no so much that it is a house organ… That’s a given, even back to the early years… but that this particular new version had very little in the way of useful content. It was all ads.

    Sure in the old days, Dragon was full of advertisements for TSR products, but at least you had awesome content. Pages from the Mages, Bazaar of the Bizarre, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, and all kinds of awesome feature articles. Every issue had something one could take away for use in their home game, even if they weren’t playing the game world a particular issue might be focussed on.

    Dragon+ Issue 1 had absolutely nothing useful for the DM’s table. The big mystery is that they put out at least a couple Arcana Unearthed columns a month. Why aren’t they putting this content in the app?!? It’s a perfect fit to bring something other than advertising into Dragon. (sigh)

    Re: Basic Fantasy… I need to write more on BF. It’s become my favorite retro Basic D&D style game even though I don’t have a group to play it. I have been enamored with 5e, so my content has tilted away from OSR more than I intended a year ago. Hopefully, I can come back around and do a little BF coverage.

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