Episode 95: We Have Class

Everyone’s tried new player classes at one time or another in their games – be they from Dragon magazine, third party publishers, or self-created. The DMigos chat about all three, and what impact these alternate classes have had on our play of D&D; be it as players or DMs. No Kobold-Slayers please!



Sites Discussed on the Show:

Blog of Holding Naval Rules

Deadguybeer; artist of Under the Horn

Genius Loci Games – “Under the Horn”
http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/1 … r-the-Horn

Warriors of the Red Planet
http://warriorsoftheredplanet.blogspot. … lable.html

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3 comments on “Episode 95: We Have Class”

  1. Arkansas Todd

    I really enjoyed the coverage of the Con, but I have just one suggestion. Next time you are there, set aside some time to record a game session that was played by you guys at the con. Just give a disclaimer about adult language and younger folks need to turn it off.

    I think that recording your game sessions would be a great way of having a resource to use during your normal podcast when talking about rules, or traps or whatever. So you would say, we are talking about bare handed fighting. Here is a small clip from an actual game where we had to grapple a monster. Then you play the short clip to show how the rules are implemented. This would be very educational and entertaining.

    Love your Pod Casts and think it is great that an old fart like me can find others that are younger talking about a game that I have a passion for. Thank you.

  2. Darva

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to clarify something mentioned in the show for other listeners. In the conversation about naval warfare rules, one of the hosts (sorry, I forget which) stated that the Sea Machine mass combat rules appear in the Companion rules set. That’s not entirely correct.

    The Companion set includes the base War Machine rules, which are reprinted in the Rules Cyclopedia as well.

    The Siege Machine expansion rules are in the Masters rule set, and reprinted in the RC too.

    The Sea Machine naval expansion rules are a little harder to find, but appear in a few places:

    module M1 – Into the Maelstrom
    module M2 – Vengeance of Alphaks
    D&D Gazetteer box set – Dawn of the Emperors – Thyatis and Alphatia

    Dragon issue 109 has an article called War Machine Revisited, which includes some optional Naval combat rules, but they are different from the Sea Machine.

    I should point out that the War/Siege/Sea machine rules are intended for mass combats only, and turn the battles into a series of formulas and dice rolls. For fleet combat, this is fine. For battles with only a handful of vessels, where PC actions are to be the center of attention, I’d review the naval adventuring notes in the Expert set (either one) and/or Blog of Holding’s custom rules.

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