Episode 125: Dungeons & Fat Dragons

The DMigoes gather once again to discuss the important things in life — D&D minis! Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon games is on the ‘cast this time to talk about paper minis, paper terrain, and the wonderful world of minis that 3D printing allows for the frugal gamer. Pig-faced Orcs, Puppy Kobolds, and the vagarities of 25mm ’80s miniatures are discussed in depth as well as other issues for the Classic gamer. We round out the show with a brief shout out to friend of the show Jim Ward’s upcoming Kickstarter project with Fat Dragon…World War Tesla!

No miniatures or terrain were harmed in the making of this episode. Honest!

Sites mentioned in this episode:


Dragon Lock Kickstarter — Fantasy Village

Fat Dragon Games

DM Corbett’s link to working with craft foam:


Gateway Games in Cincinnati

Ral Partha (Iron Wind Miniatures line today)

Reaper Miniatures

World War Tesla

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