Episode 121: “Save vs. Winds of the Ice Forest”

We’re returning to the review of some of the plethora of new OSR product out there! This show we take a look at Winds of the Ice Forest, an adventure by J.V. West for character levels 1-3. Before that, the DMigoes chat about emails, the upcoming North Texas RPG Con (only 21 tickets left!) and our plans for the event. We answer emails, and DM Mike has a surprise! Shock! Horror! Disbelief!

Sites Discussed on the Show:

North Texas RPG Con 2015

Winds of the Ice Forest at Drivethrurpg.com

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1 comment on “Episode 121: “Save vs. Winds of the Ice Forest””

  1. VikShade

    hey guys, I just grabbed a copy of Winds of the Ice Forest, since you all made it sound so great. As I was considering getting it, I heard you mention it was designed for LL & LLAC, and that sealed it for me. That is exactly what I run my campaigns with and the hardcopies I got at my FLGS is sitting right beside me, with the cover gently lifting up in the breeze from the window. It was a sign.
    I look forward to running a group through this, although my current group is too high level and out on the Isle of Dread right now.
    PS: would you rather he described an igloo and just didn’t use the word igloo?

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