Episode 119: Save vs. Steve Marsh

The Dmigoes assemble once again to chat with a gaming luminary, this time with the inestimable Steve Marsh, formerly of TSR! We chat about his past, present, and future products including “City of the Revenant.” This OSR adventure is set in his 1970s RPG campaign world of Shattered Norns and will be featured as a tournament style game at the 2016 North Texas RPG Con. Come on in, sit a spell, and find out how to properly pronounce Sahuagin!

Links mentioned in this show:

Judges Guild

North Texas RPG Con

Runequest data by Steve Marsh

Shattered Norns Campaign –- Steve Marsh

Urban Fantasy Fiction – Steve Marsh

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1 comment on “Episode 119: Save vs. Steve Marsh”

  1. mothshade

    I failed my save vs. Steve Marsh the first time I opened that Expert Set box.

    Long may he wave.

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