Side Adventure 11: Save vs. U-Con OSR Panel

For those unable to attend U-Con 2015, we present the OSR Panel Discussion presented there, “Old School Cityscapes.”

The hosts were Gamers & Grognard’s Ryan Thompson and “Drink, Spin, Run” podcaster Adam Muszkiewicz. The panelists were Guest of honor Bill Webb of Frog God Games, Industry insider Jim Wampler from Goodman Games and the Save or Die podcast, OSR track sponsor John Reyst, Tim Snider of Goblinoid Games, and Bill Barsh of Pacesetter Games. Enjoy!

Links mentioned in this episode:

U-Con game convention

Frog God Games

Goodman Games

Goblinoid Games

Pacesetter Games & Simulations

The Open Gaming Store

Drink Spin Run podcast

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  1. Dimwall the Encumbered

    a great listen! Thanks for posting. Sad no mention of the great Pavis! the boxed set from ’83. Keep casting and may your dice be unsloppy

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