Save for Half : What the Heck Is this?

Welcome one and all to the premier episode of a highly irregular podcast! Thrills, chills, and and all the frills of what this new flavor of podcast from the Three DMigoes will be about in the future. Here’s a hint: it won’t be Classic D&D — that remains the purview of Save or Die. Listen if you dare!


Sites Discussed on the Show:

Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition rules
Goodman Games Deluxe Hardback
WardCo PDF version

Heritage Paint ‘N Play Sets

Crypt of the Sorcerer on Board Game Geek

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5 comments on “Save for Half : What the Heck Is this?”

  1. SirNomad

    Great Idea, I can’t wait for the next installment.
    I have been in the hobby since 1978 and though I got my start with the 1st edition hardbacks I repeatedly bought up the DnD material to adapt or plunder for my own campaign which is based on Greg Costikyan’s Sword & Sorcery wargame. (Yeah, that old school)
    I have a suggestion for another old school game that is undead. That is to say out of print (several times over) yet has a strong following of dedicated players.
    Empire of the Petal Throne. First published by TSR, then Gamescience managed to almost publish a full game (They got a sourcebook and a players manual out before they dropped it), Then Theater of the Mind published a fairly good set and most recently there ws a version printed for the Tri-Stat system. There was supposed to be a port for the d20 system that was supposedly cancelled just before publishing. Every version has been more approachable than the one before it but it has always fascinated me with its ideas and unique take on what has usually a genre dominated by Western myth structures.

      • SirNomad

        Maybe even an interview with Brent Slocum who is carrying the banner of the Omnipotent Azure Legion now that Dr. Barker has gone to rest in the arms of Thumis.

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