Episode 77: It’s Our (Email) Bag, Baby!

Your favorite four DMs Liz, Mike, Jim and Glen go through the piles of accumulated emails to answer the burning questions of the day. Or are those flame emails instead? Listen and see!

It’s all here at:


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1 comment on “Episode 77: It’s Our (Email) Bag, Baby!”

  1. VikShade

    Oh Liz, when you make Godzilla references, my heart flutters…
    Great show guys! I’m back to listening again, my space campaign sputtered and everyone has me back to running D&D red box, on Roll20.net this time (Probably switch to Labyrinth Lord like you mentioned in the beginning of this podcast).
    So you keep making shows for me, and I will be getting back to you all soon. Game on!

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