Episode 72: Blackmoor II

Episode 72: Blackmoor II

June 5, 2013 Off By Executive Producer Vincent

The Save or Die hosts return again to the wilds of Blackmoor, but not to the little brown books! They answer feedback about the last episode (Supplement II: Blackmoor) and then dive right into Judges Guild’s First Fantasy Campaign, a treasury of Blackmoor information and lore that might make even DM Mike happy! The environs of the territory of Blackmoor are discussed along with information on the domain and stronghold rules that were first used in the pre-1974 Fantasy Campaign. The town and keep of Blackmoor are considered, along with the dungeon levels and some of the more interesting NPCs of Dave Arnesson’s log-ago game.

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The Delver’s Podcast


Daniel Boggs (Aldarron) Blackmoor Research

http://odd74.proboards.com/index.cgi?bo … hread=4406

Lesser Gnome Publications


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