Save or Die Podcast # 64: “Save versus Greyhawk!”

January 26, 2013 Off By Executive Producer Vincent


Welcome to the first Save or Die! Adventure of 2013! This episode we take a look at the first of the original “Little Brown Book” supplements: Greyhawk. Not only did this gem give some insight into Gary Gygax’s view of the D&D game, but also laid the foundation for much of what would become “Canonical” D&D in the future. A d20 to hit, variable polyhedron dice for damage, spell limitations, and such like…its first given in Supplement I. The SoD crew looks at this little booklet with the help of DM Jim Wampler, who currently plays in Tim Kask’s own OD&D Greyhawk campaign. Finally the SoD-casters consider if Greyhawk can work in other versions of Classic D&D and how well it can be imported to your own game.

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