The Save or Die Podcast Adventure #53: Reading is Fundamental

Despite an Internet based hobby, there are tons of magazines/fanzines
out there for the Classic D&D player to investigate. This episode we
each list our faves and note any online goodies that might have
escaped the notice of our listeners.

Remember you rule the game, not the other way around! If you can think
it, it can happen!

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2 comments on “The Save or Die Podcast Adventure #53: Reading is Fundamental”

  1. Angry Monk

    Great episode, folks! I loved all the references. Thanks, Glen, for the “Different Totes for Different Folks” article. That will save a lot of time. Thanks!

  2. The Marg

    Many thanks for the Oubliette Magazine reviews. The team and I just listened to this podcast and we really enjoyed it.

    Just so DM Liz knows, “Tales from Hell” does feature in Oubliette 8, on page 4. It’s called “The Fantasy Trip”, and of course features her beloved kobolds being very bad as usual.

    “Mouse Watch” was a little sub par this time, but, it turns out I had a legitimate medical excuse as I found out I had succumbed to severe anaemia, and was a little off my head by then. I am taking the old iron tablets now and feel a return to horrible form is on the cards for Issue 9.

    Thanks again for your funny and honest reviews. It’s always a pleasure listening to you guys.

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