Save or Die Podcast #52 “Poor Old +1 Long Sword”

There are a lot of surprises this time around as DMs Vince, Mike and Liz are joined by DM FulonGamer and the pulse-pounding, two-fisted return of DM Crispy! The five discuss their latest gaming news, and consider the following: In a lot of games, the +1 weapon or armor is as dull as dirt and almost as common. All this and more as DM Vince joins the cast for his farewell show as a full time host, moving into Executive Producer Role, much like he does with Thaco’s Hammer!


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2 comments on “Save or Die Podcast #52 “Poor Old +1 Long Sword””

  1. Angry Monk

    DM Vince is leaving?! What? Say it ain’t so. Man, that bums me out. I’ve just started listening to SOD seriously (started with RFI), but I’ve decided that the B/X world suits me better. Just enough rules (simply stated), but with the freedom to modify to my taste (goodbye Vancian magic). I’ve really been enjoying the SOD podcasts, and I’ve also enjoyed how each show matures. Fewer silly jokes and more good discussions/disagreements (OK, with the odd joke thrown in). Thank you, Vince, for creating or producing these shows. You and your hosts have reinvigorated my interest in the game. Please, please keep up the good work. If it is a matter of needing more hosts or suggestions, please let me know. I’d love to get involved in this wonderful podcast.

    • DM Vincent

      Thanks for the kind words. I am still here with the SODCast. I felt it was better to step away and focus hosting RFI and not repeating myself on SOD so listeners would not get bored with the shows 🙂

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