Save or Die Side Adventure #5

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  1. mothshade

    I was playing the Chrispy Drinking Game…but I ran out of booze.

    At the moment, my attitude is – even if 5E is exactly what I’ve always wanted in the D&D game…I don’t see myself spending more money on the brand. I am sick of investing in new editions of D&D. I have shelves groaning under the weight of perfectly usable D&D books from the past 30 years and really don’t want any more. I’m just sick of buying expensive books I may or may not be using in ten years. Editions are largely an investment of hundreds of dollars – sometimes thousands of dollars – and I just don’t like Wizbro enough to invest in their bottom line. I want to be a gamer, not a demographic.

    And that is why I am sick of the later editions of the game. Starting with 3.0, D&D (for me) ceases to feel like a game and starts to remind me of a program. When it takes me an entire afternoon to create a character because I am weighing all the options and estimating how they are going to build upon future concepts at every future level…I get exhausted. And that is what it is all about. We are assuming our PCs are going to be adventuring to at least 20th level and we have to cherry pick the right feats, skills, boosts, modifiers, weapons, armor, bells, and whistles to qualify for the next class level or prestige class. I want to enjoy the adventure. I want to feel the thrill of potential defeat – or even death. What kind of heroic adventure can you have without the fear of death? Oh yeah – D20 D&D. With 4E, the idea was to keep the adventure going no matter what. Never stop and never turn back. We wouldn’t want the ADD generation to get bored – I understand that.

    From what I’ve seen of 5E art, they seem to be representing characters in a more traditional way. Less anime and fewer piercings, giant swords, and pseudo-Victorian costumes. Totally avoiding the “artists doing art for free” pit trap, I shall end this tirade now. I did enjoy the discussion very much. Some excellent insights. I tend to think much like Leaf…and feel like Vince. Good Chrispy Show.

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