Save or Die Podcast Adventure #44: Farewell to 2011

In the last show for 2011…

DM Fiat
– PCs in worlds they don’t know but the players do (Modern, SciFi, WWII, etc.)
– Magic vs. Technology
– Other world PCs into D&D?

DM’s Workshop
– Building worlds that connect
– What rules need to be changed or modified for Scifi-Modern-etc. tech?
– Sturmgeschultz & Sorcery from Best of Dragon 1

Random Encounters
“Monsters” (re: Tech)
– Robots
– Soldiers/Policemen
– PCs from D&D vs. PCs from other games?

Products of Your Imagination

S&W Wild West supplement — found here

2 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #44: Farewell to 2011”

  1. Ron_65

    Regarding the use of chainmail for use with D&D as a combat system really depends on what you are trying to simulate. There are essentially three different rules systems involved and which one you use is dependent on the forces involved. The mass combat system is pretty self explanatory, but remember 1 figure equals 20 men. If fewer individuals than that are used you can use the man-to-man rules. Each hit using this system assumes maximum damage against the opponent or 1 HD. Since the standard hit die in 0e is a d6. This is key when determining damage of spells. If a magic missile does 4 points max that’s 2/3 HD. Since there are no saving throws in chainmail I’d also recommend an attack roll by the magic-user for any spells that allow a saving throw. For PCs vs. classed NPCs, however, I always used the alternative combat system just because it makes for more cinematic battle worthy of the main characters of an epic story. The fantasy combat system is self explanatory and covers combat against monsters.
    Hope this helps. For more guidance I recomend a homebrew supplement by Jason Vey at

  2. mothshade

    I always wondered if Dave Arneson was a fan of Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane. That, and WTH is the Egg of Coot?!

    Regarding “robots” in D&D, I’m surprised DM Glen didn’t chime in with the Mek from Rules Cyclopedia.

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