Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 41: The Megadungeon

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  1. thorkie

    While a 2E product, the “Ruins of UnderMountain” 1&2 make for wonderful megadungeons. Just do as the crew suggested and ignore the text and fill in the rooms with your own encounters/treasure, etc.

    In addition, I do not recall Liz complaining about her birthday cake picture. (hehe)

  2. Silvester10528

    On the topic of AC being movement based, absolutely NOT!! While Dex does affect AC, AC is not dependent on Dex. AC is based on the ability of the armor to prevent damage to the wearer; which is why plate is better than chain is better than leather is better than clothing…

    In the real world in medieval europe, clothing was a layer of wool on a layer of linen, leather was boiled (hardened) leather on a padded jacket (basically a moving blanket), chain was riveted iron rings on a padded jacket and plate was 1/32 to 1/16 inch think steel plate with small ring chain at the joints all on a padded jacket.
    Sheilds ranged from all but disposable Viking duelling sheilds (see the duel in 13th Warrior) to seriously stout wooden rounds and tear drops (kites – much better for fighting from horseback, but very useful on foot too) to proper steel traditional shapes in late periods.

    Your dexterity might make you move a bit more fluid in your armor, but it did little for the actual defensive ability of the armor. If you get hit with a mace, the blunt force impact can still break bones in lessor armors (chain, leather, cloth). If you are stabbed, you are almost definately getting hurt in lessor armors (chain, leather, cloth). If you get knocked down in plate, you aren’t just jumping back onto your feet and returning the attack, you might even need help to stand again.

    Watch some YouTube videos of SCA combat to get a decent idea of what D&D combat would be like.

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