Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 40: … and it was advanced!

3 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 40: … and it was advanced!”

    • DM Liz

      It was a trim, to keep it looking (more or less) like my profile picture. Don’t worry, it’s not like I got a reverse mohawk or anything!

      Wait a minute, was that the most important thing you got out of that podcast???

  1. mothshade

    Anyone that blasts sci-fi in D&D obviously hasn’t been paying attention.

    Funny how popular psionics has become in recent editions of the game. Somebody wanna tell me Psychokinesis fits well in a classic medieval fantasy setting?

    Crypt thing? I love the crypt thing. I have an entire secret society built around crypt things and their origins. I like how the crypt thing was not undead in the beginning…but, like the shadow, suffered from player prejudice and became undead in later editions. Come on – you’re a robed skeleton, forcryinoutloud.

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