Save or Die Podcast Adventure #38: Black Powder with Thorkhammer!

Join as OSRGaming’s own, Professor Thork sits in to share with us his thoughts on the topics at hand. Things we talk about this week are:
– Black Powder and how you can use it in your game.
– Race as class 3: Halflings vs Hobbits
– A monster šŸ™‚
– A review of X4

Sit back and enjoy, besure to check out “World of Thorkhammer” at the website!

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  1. mothshade

    There were two instances where I wanted to use firearms in my campaign – but I wanted to do so in as much of a sword-and-sorcery fashion as I could.

    First, I had my drow and duergar in a kind of subterranean arms race with an alchemical fungal powder that possessed explosive properties. The powder lost potency very quickly in sunlight and was most unreliable unless kept completely dry. “Gunpowder” was an Underdark thing that most surface dwellers had never heard of.

    Second, I put steam-powered firearms in the hands of invading “salamander-folk” that arrived from another plane. Based upon the Fiend Folio Firenewt race, these invaders wielded dangerous firearms that used steam power to launch projectiles. These weapons were extremely hot and risked exploding if fired often. The Firenewts, of course, didn’t mind this. The firearms were also very bulky and there was no one-handed version.

    So – I never used “black powder” in my campaign setting…but I did try introducing guns.

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