Save or Die Podcast Adventure #36: Elves!

This week the crew chats about Customizing the player Characters, especial how to make the plain old theif more interesting and stand out a bit. The with a crash and boom, head into the Fiat talking about Part 1 of the a 3 part series, talking about elves this time. A little talk is then done about the reincarnate spell, even if this weeks random encounters of a rust monster doesn’t kill you. They finally end the show with a review Holmes77, written by’s one and only Thorkhammer! Enjoy as the “Take that Chrispy!” phrase is born!

2 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #36: Elves!”

  1. thorkie

    In regard to elves, just watched the D&D movie (2000) with Thora Birtch and Jeremy Irons…well, about 10 minutes of it. Wow. Suck city! (and not in a good way) That elf chick and dwarf dude were pathetic. Hell, EVERYONE in it was pathetic.

    Regarding Holmes77…While artwork is a plesant bonus to any adventure or manual, nowadays, there is enough of it in already existing OOP works, tv and movies for the fledgling DM to conjure up images of what is found within the text without having to beg, bribe and/or force an artist to contribute to what is, essentially a free giveaway; something most artists are reluctant to do (go figger!)

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