Save or Die Podcast Adventure #34: Diceeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Join Vince, Glen and Chrispy this week as they talk about Dice, dice and more dice. Then chat about different ways to handle weight & encumberance on characters. The guys then talk about different ways to use the Living Statue, and how great that monster can be! Finally the show finishes up with a review of the Creature Catalog!

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  1. Silvester

    I have a semi-cheating dice story…

    I had bought some blank d6’s, drilled in pips and used a Sharpie to mark them as d3’s. I honestly accidentally gave them to my opponent during a miniatures game. I relaized the mistake about halfway through the game, pointed out the error and swapped them for the Bicycle dice I was using and the guy ended up winning, by A HUGE margin…

    My girlfriend does “dice training” by rolling each die until it max’s and then leaves them sitting with the high number up so they “learn” how they are supposed to roll.

    When playing miniature games like 40K I set all my dice out with 6’s up except for a small batch with 1’s up and draw from the respective group depending on if I want to roll high or low. After the roll I place the dice to the side (with respective 6’s or 1’s up) and use different dice on the next roll.

    It’s less of a superstition and more of a psych-out to throw my opponents game off as they try to figure out what I’m doing…

    Doesn’t work, but it’s fun none the less.

  2. mothshade

    I gotta ask, DM Vincent: “Phases of the sun?”

    I confess to have been in the habit of rolling dice at the store before purchase to see if there were any “naturally weighted” dice to be had.

    I am also aware of the “loaded microwaving” of dice, but I think that used to only work with older dice because they had air bubbles or other flaws inside for the microwaves to work with. I think newer dice tend to be manufactured better and microwaving them just ruins them. Though, I couldn’t say for certain – just what I’ve heard from other gamers.

    Living statues are great for dungeon encounters because, as DM Vincent observes, they need no ecology and can stand around forever without players wondering how or why. I like to put living statues among a larger number of normal statues and make the players wonder whether the rest are alive as well. Paranoia is such fun.

    “Weeping angels,” DM Chrispy. Of course, I wonder about the changes made to the Weeping Angels later in the series.

    Finally, I often wonder if DM Glen’s Rules Cyclopedia is somehow different from mine as he seems unable to find specific entries in the book. Find Statue, Living on page 208.

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