Save or Die Podcast Adventure #32: Harpy Attack!

5 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #32: Harpy Attack!”

  1. Thorkie

    I don’t understand the illustration of the harpy. ARe those its boobs or what? Oy vey!

    • Kewlmarine32

      The wings are covering the front of the harpy so no, you are not looking at breasts.

  2. skytwo

    She’s actually breast-feeding Plastic Man and Mister Fantastic.

  3. mothshade

    Harpy? We can do something with this. In fact, we have.

    I give the harpy a variety of sound-based voice effects. Some have been able to mimic voices or sounds while others have had a sonic screech that can deal damage or shatter objects. One harpy sang magical lullabys that threatened to put victims to sleep.

    I also liked combining different aspects of Greek mythological creatures and the harpy would occasionally receive the bronze feathers of the Stymphalian Birds – granting them a better AC, but a worse flying speed. I also had a unique “Harpy Queen” that had a head/face similar to Medusa.

    Being so foul and dirty in Greek myth, I originally gave the harpy a troglodyte-like stench quality.

  4. mothshade

    Thank you for the review of X2 – always one of my favorites. The Mystara “Mark of Amber” Audio CD Adventure went even further into the scenario.

    The reason for all the French, and for a lot of the weirdness, is that the module was based heavily upon the “Averoigne” writings of Clark Ashton Smith – as referenced in the Bibliography. When I first purchased the module, I was expecting something out of Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” novels, but this was even more interesting in many ways.

    Oh – and the module includes a pronunciation guide for the French words.

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