Save or Die Podcast Adventure #31: Roar!

Join the crew as they continue their talk about Game ettiquite, this time about playing in a public place, then give advice to you DM about building and getting your gaming space ready for the big night. Listen in as Gargoyles are the topic of encounters this week, minus the fire out of the butt part and finish up with a review of X1: Isle of Dread!

5 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #31: Roar!”

  1. Ravenclaw

    Another great show, thanks – really enjoyed hearing the ‘Isle of Dread’ review, one of my favourite modules.

  2. mothshade

    Enjoyed the show very much. I am working my through the entire run from the beginning.

    I do quite a few odd things (odd to me) with gargoyles.

    Gargoyles in my setting tend to be bound to a temple or church and will be of whatever alignment the deity is. Adventurers tend to find them in ancient shrines or ruined temples.
    I have gargoyles that have the ability to conceal themselves against or around stone. They can assume the color and texture of any stone they touch and often cover themselves with their wings to resemble an outcrop or something similar.
    One encounter I ran involved gargoyles in a volcano. They could shift between molten and solid stone form, almost at will, as long as they were in the heat.
    I also had a pair of gargoyles standing at the end of a hall, still and side-by-side in a shallow recess, pretending to be a pair of ornate stone doors.

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