Save or Die Podcast Adventure #21: Golems!

Join the “core” team as they are back together for 2011. They answer some emails, talk about how to place magic items and artifacts in your game. Then talk about why the Amber Golem looks like a tiger or lion as they talk Golems, finishing up the show with a review of Judge’s Guild Module Thieves of the Fortress Badabaskor…

2 comments on “Save or Die Podcast Adventure #21: Golems!”

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  2. mothshade

    I think the creators of the original golems had been watching Harryhausen films quite a lot. Especially the bronze golem that resembles a smaller version of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts – liquid fire blood included.

    The golem is one of those creature types that inspires many, many iterations. Anything can be sculpted and animated to wreak havoc on adventurers. I myself have too many golems to easily list.

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