Save or Die Podcast Adventure #20: Baby’s First D&D

Join Vince, Glen and Chrispy as they dive into the old school of D&D for Season 2 of the Save or Die Podcast of 2011. They talk about High vs Low Magic in your game, Elementals and then end with a review of BSolo. Check it out!

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  2. Havard of Blackmoor

    Another good one! Early on you talk about the guidelines for how many magic items NPCs in 3E should have. Here I think you misunderstand the purpose of the rules. Its pretty useful having guidelines for what is considered reasonable for NPC equipment, but there is nothing there saying you cannot have fewer items etc.

    Anyway, I enjoyed listening to this one as well. Love the fact that you consult the Creature Catalog!


    • LC Pete

      Thanks guys for answering my question on Holmes weapons on the podcast. I understand where you are coming from and agree with you wholeheartedly. I like fiddling with rules and trying to understand why rules are the way they are. In Holmes a guy with a dagger attacks twice per round doing 1d6 damage per attack and a guy with a two handed sword attacks once per two rounds doing 1d6 damage per attack. So the dagger guy has 4 times as many attacks as the heavy weapon guy.
      My answer is to do away with weapon speed altogether.
      It boils down to something similar to why someone would choose not to fight with 2 weapons in 1st ed.. Althouth the rules advantage is not as extreme in that case as it is in Holmes all the characters in the game I am currently in do (except me and the magic-users).

  3. Drance

    Sounds like DM Glen and I have some things in common at the moment, since I too have been geeking out over the Rules Cyclopedia as of late, having taken out my old copy again. I am using it to supplement my campaign for which I am also using Swords & Wizardry Complete and Lamentations of the Flame Princess (I know that probably sounds like way too many rules sets to use at once). I pulled the RC out to primarily read up on Mystara/Known World. And, like Glen, I am gathering up the Mystara gazetteers, with the intention of teleporting my small group to Mystara (and away from Oerth, shocking as it may be).

  4. Evil Eli

    Wow, Spoony Bard and a Nutkin/NothingLand Reference.

    Glenn, uou were Smoke Stack Jones weren’t you?

      • Evil Eli

        It is nice to put a face and voice to a name. I use to love your posts on the old boards.

  5. mothshade

    We seem to be missing the point of the elemental as a being created from a specific element. Bread, bone, and such would be suitable for golems – but not elementals. The paraelementals and other “elemental combos” or fringe creatures have all been done. The Ravenloft tainted elementals were some of the more entertaining for me. Elementals can be found in Monsters & Treasure. Your destination is page 18.

    I admit to having many elemental variants and combos for my campaign.

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