Save or Die Podcast Adventure #18: Holiday Bonus #1

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  2. GM Rod

    Just dropping a line because I’ve been catching up with your ‘cast. And, I’ve also been a fan of DM Glen’s HPL story narration.

    @Glen: Awesome voice dude, I’ve done public radio and I recognize a ‘public’ voice in there, glad to see you’re into role-playing as well. I guess it goes along with imagination and the ability to tell a story. I’m an older gamer and Ive done radio and theater as well. Glad to see I”m not alone, although we both know there are a lot more of us than we both know about.

    @Vince: Dude, your dedication and leadership in setting up and hosting the two podcasts I listen to for pre-2e D&D gaming radio are something that I am very grateful for. The podcasts just get better and better, keep ’em coming.

    @the other hosts (DM’s Vince and Glen, don’t read beyond this point if you will play this module):
    You are all part of the chemistry that keeps me coming back. Please keep doing what you do to give something extra for the the loudmouths I mention above to talk about. They are good radio people for various reasons, but if you guys stopped showing up the discussions would pale.

    • DM Vincent

      GM Rod — Thanks for the nice words. I love radio, and miss doing it, so I try my best to do it with my podcasts. Stay tuned for another podcast I will be producing along these lines. But I can’t say anymore right.


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