Save or Die Podcast # 13: The Lost City of…Men?!

The “Core Four” are back, and this week chat about how to use Subclasses, and then draw swords against the fearsome monster of…”Men”? Hmm.. Then round things up of Module B4: The Lost City! Check it out! Call us and leave a message 570-290-7283

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  2. Thorkhammer the Great

    Y’all know I am a Liz-fan to the 10th power, however, I am compelled to throw this bit of information into the Corefour pool regarding “Berserker” monster listing.

    The +2 bonus to “their attack die” applies ONLY to “normal men”, kobolds, goblins or orcs.

    Characters ARE NOT to be considered “normal men”, thus, the berserker bonus should not apply to the players/characters. I extract this definition from the general writing found in Holmes blue book. But specifically from the Saving Throw and “To Hit” tables. Clearly, characters are separated from “normal men” who have their own listing.

    I would be curious to hear your comments on this hypothesis. (One day soon, when I have Skype–perhaps on my birthday! I can actually make a cameo and hobnob with the Fab Four.

    Love y’all, keep it up


  3. The Secret DM™

    Although not a sub-class, the Master Set DM’s guide also lists Mystics as a new kind of martial-arts based NPC, with guidelines for PC Mystics as an optional class on the next page. These rules were later revised and included in the Rules Cyclopedia.

    Another great podcast, everyone!

    • DM Mike

      Thorkie, Liz was pained to hear her beloved kobolds ere in the category of victims of Berserkers…but I’ll let her comment more. 😉

  4. DM Mike

    Hmmm. SDM, was the Mystic a faux Monk or something else? Thanks for the comment!

  5. Tarh_Darrich

    I’ve recently taken up the helm of running games with the Moldvay/Cook rules – I actually started with the Moldvay rule book almost 22 years ago now. Having played a lot of (the dreaded) 2nd edition AD&D and recently reading the Moldvay Basic book for the first time as an adult I liked that they added so may sub-types of men for the PC’s to encounter.

    As experienced DM’s you guys seemed to denounce having all these subtypes of men described out in the monsters section. I think it could be really helpful to have this level of guidance for a newbie DM when they are first creating their game world about the different possible types of men that you might encounter in a D&D type world. More experienced DM’s will create NPC’s on the fly and tailor their statistics to meet the demands of the story/situation but I think the Moldvay rules (I can’t speak from experience on the other editions) do a good job of creating different flavors of “men” to encounter.

  6. Tarh_Darrich

    Great podcast guys. I just finished it yesterday. I liked your review of The Lost City. I tried running it for my PbP/PBEM game almost a year ago now and I had to do massive re-writing to make it workable. My gamers ran out of torches (they weren’t prepared for this extensive dungeoneering) and decided to pull a conan and just leave. They never even made it to the lower city level 🙁

  7. Colin

    I loved this episode: man, talking about B4 really brings me back.

    But where’s the love? 2 dragons for B4?

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