Save or Die Podcast # 12: Adventures at Sea!

The “Core Four” cannon ball into the deep ocean waters, talking about Sea Adventure Campaigns along with Sea Creatures! Wrapping the show up with review of The Inn of Lost Heroes by Small Niche Games.. Check it out! 570-290-7283

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  2. Pete Spahn

    Hey thanks for the review! Yes Liz, the fact that you guys are planning to actually play it is hugely satisfying as a writer. Please do let me know how it goes. I’m in the process of writing another adventure and I’ll be sure to send it along. Thanks again!


  3. mothshade

    Another very enjoyable podcast. A few things I thought of while listening:

    The Basic rulebooks were focused upon the dungeon environment while the Expert books opened the game up to wilderness adventures – including seagoing voyages and an entire section on Waterborne Adventures. This is why you’re not going to find water-based monsters in the “red books,” except for Moldvay Basic, which gives us the sea snake.

    But even The Underworld and Wilderness Adventures has an aquatic section.

    Can’t find rules for seagoing in the Rules Cyclopedia? A quick perusal of the Table of Contents gives us Water Travel in Chapter 6. Also, in Chapter 8 you can find Naval Combat and Underwater Combat.

    I realize I am speaking to the past here…but I find myself chiming in as I get through each session.

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