Save or Die Podcast # 10: Undead?!

Join the crew this week, Vince, Mike, Liz and Glen as they talk about Cleric turning, then chat it up about different undead, ending the show with a review of Tegel Manor! What to grab it, check out Website: email: saveordiepodcast(at)

5 comments on “Save or Die Podcast # 10: Undead?!”

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  2. Edward

    I am always disappointed with the PDFs of these old Judges Guild things – the scanning resolution is universally crappy.
    It’s 2010, and we’re not pulling these down on 33K modems.

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  4. Lilaxe

    Ive never heard Tegal Manor pronounced the way you guys were saying it on the show. Ive always heard it Tea-Gull, sounds like you are saying Te-ghul. Interesting to see others peoples takes on it.

    Brilliant module, sold mine years ago unfortunately and I’ve been trying for years to get another one…

  5. Lord Kjeran

    I’ve always pronounced it “teg-el.”

    As to the the module itself, it’s a great example of the old-school classic “funhouse” module, that is, a type that has (sadly) fallen by the wayside. Too many people trying to be Tolkien (in-depth serious RP) or Conan (hack-n-slash). Whatever happened to the influence of Carroll or Baum (wacky fun)?

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