Save or Die Podcast # 8: The Blue Dragon

Join Vince and Mike this week, as Liz steps away from the Madness for one week, and she sure wishes she didn’t at this point, Mike and Vince battle the Blue Dragon, and follow up with a review of the infamous B2 Module! Check it out! Email:

5 comments on “Save or Die Podcast # 8: The Blue Dragon”

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  2. Death Metal Nightmare

    – love the podcast and banter! tried to get into some other systems podcasts to pass some down time but i need D&D (until someone does more old school games like Dead Games Society!)!

    – i dont mind the long story boxes as long as the story is good. its meditative to me. if the story is weak/corny, yeah, of course it blows.

  3. The Secret DM™

    Wow — thank you guys so much for the shout out! I sincerely appreciate that! I’ll be back to post more about my thoughts on the rest of the podcast, but I wanted to pop on and share my appreciation!

  4. Chris

    I like listening to you all, but I sure did hear a LOT of discussion about MANY games that were NOT clasic D&D.

    I know in your opening blurb you dont say you WONT talk about anything but classic D&D, but it reminded me of game sessions I was in where everyone talked about anything BUT the game.

    Is Lis the glue that binds the discussion together? lol

    All in all, thanks for another fun podcast guys!

  5. R Flowers

    I am wondering what is “infamous” about B2? “Notable,” maybe…

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