The Save or Die Podcast: Side Adventure # 1

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  1. Chris

    Love the podcasts! I play them through my home theatre system in the morning and its like I am sitting at the table with friends, discussing it with you.

    I really liked Liz’s suggestion on the doppleganger switch being discussed with a player that is looking to off his character. I would have to add that if that were the case, I’d like the player to continue (for that game session) to play the doppleganger as an enemy, but be stealthy about him attacking the other PCs. It would definately have to be one time thing though.

    On the subject of trying a new system, if your going to get back to the basic of D&D, away from the rules lawyers and the min/max players – I’d say Basic D&D (for me The Blue Book)

    I actually have been thinking about running a short campaign of basic/expert (if it lives that long) to teach a gamer in our group how ROLE playing is done. Without a definative set of rules or skills, he has a hard time understanding

    Player: “Can I try this (insert action)?”
    DM: “ok, then give me a (insertstat check)”

    When I have done this in my current game setting (Not 3/3.5/4) he was amazed at the idea and though it was my own! – I fessed up eventually, explaining that it was “how it was back in the day”.

    This podcast has inspired me to give it some serious thought.

    Thanks and keep up the greatness!

  2. The Secret DM™

    Another great podcast, guys!

    My first DM did a bit with a doppleganger when, in the course of exploring a dungeon, our party split up. He RPed each of us individually, then had us all come back together. It wasn’t until it was too late that we learned one of us had gotten into a battle with a doppleganger and been replaced. At the end of that combat, when the player had lost, the DM offered the player the opportunity to portray the doppleganger when the group got back together, and the player, although upset over losing her character, loved the idea of betraying all of us.

    As for the “lettering” of modules:

    I remember as a kid figuring out that “DA” stood for “Dave Arneson”, and how proud I was of figuring out what the letters meant. There were some I could never figure out, but thankfully, we now have the internet! Here’s a link to a wikipedia page that explains what the letters meant:

  3. Tim

    I had a license plate that said “SAMWISE” at one point. I only had it for a few years, but now it is proudly attached on the wall in my gaming room, hehe.

  4. Death Metal Nightmare

    oh wow. theres always way too much “edition” ‘purity’ in Dungeons & Dragons dialog. it turns into way too much edition “one up’ing” and nonsense. ill play any game from OD&D to 2nd edition cause its what i grew up with and spent money on. they all work fine and theyre all playable and have optional rules. too much holier than thou stuff based around nostalgia and way too much nitpicking. just play the games.

  5. DM Mike

    Very well said, DMN!

    Chri, kudos on starting up a Holmes(maybe Cook) game. Of course, its across the pond so Liz STILL can’t get into a game. LOL

    SDM,cool story…That’s when you know you’ve got a good role-player. I had a cursed magic item take over a PC once and the player had a great time slowly trying to bump off the party one at a time. 😉

    Tim, That’s an interesting point. Even if you don’t maintain the license plate you can still keep it on the wall or something. Wonder if SaveOrDie has too many letters?


    • The Secret DM™

      lol…now THAT sounds cool! It’s great when you can match up items/plot twists like that with players that can pull it off…the surprise/shock of the other players is ALWAYS worth it! 🙂

  6. mothshade

    As much as I enjoy the podcasts, I have to admit to often being put off by DM Vince. Sorry to be critical, but he is frequently a black cloud or wet blanket to me as I listen. There are specific reasons/instances, but it would seem inappropriate to compile a list. Just wanted to bring it up, in case the point was at all helpful – as it is intended.

    Still, I am listening to every installment and having a great time.


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