Adventure 132: Hack & Slash

The new crew is back for you! In Adventure 132 we’re hacking our way through classic D&D, talking about house rules, rules hacks, and the beautiful elasticity of the game. We give example of common house rules, complete rules overhauls that have their roots in classic D&D, offer advice on making rules modifications at the table to better suit your campaign – something you’re probably already doing without even realizing it! Join DM James, DM Vince, TM Erik, and DM Glen for Save or Die: Expert Rules Adventure 133: “Hack” & Slash!


Pete Spahn’s Operation White Box –

GI JOE Cartoon –

PX1 Basic Psionics Handbook

ACKS Companion –

Firearms in D&D – Dragon #60 –

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2 comments on “Adventure 132: Hack & Slash”

  1. Olgabelle

    Hi guys, great show! My only comment is that TM Erik’s microphone needs more volume, he’s a lot quiter than everyone else!

    Also, here’s a bit of trivia about the TSR version of the Indiana Jones rpg: I have permanently borrowed my Dad’s copies of all the books 😛
    The Judge’s Survival Pack accessory includes the rules for creating new characters that should’ve been in the main rulebook. If you want to really play the game, the JSP is kind of mandatory to have, since it also includes more stuff on Chase Rules, Ruin (dungeon) creation, Random Ruin Generators and a whole bunch more paper miniatures. Combined with the main rule book, the JSP makes them game whole and playable. Too bad they didn’t combine them into the main rules to begin with.

    Great job on the new podcasts though, I’ve put the show back in my subscriptions now!

    • Executive Producer Vincent

      I knew you could do it! Thanks for clearing it up Olgabelle -Vince

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