Episode 114: Save vs. Bob Bledsaw Jr. and Judges Guild

Episode 114: Save vs. Bob Bledsaw Jr. and Judges Guild

October 2, 2015 Off By Executive Producer Vincent

Other than perhaps TSR itself, there is no game company from the 1970s that screams “Old School D&D goodness” as much as  Judges Guild. In this episode (and the next!), the DMigoes are joined by current Judges Guild head Bob Bledsaw Jr., as he shares his memories of his father, Judges Guild co-founder Bob Bledsaw Sr. Even as a youngster, Bob was an integral part of his father’s gaming enterprise, and he shares with us his eye witness accounts of the early years of Judges Guild — plus what it was like growing up “Bledsaw.” Apparently in the 1970s, that even involved listening to the Blues Brothers in parked vans after unloading issues of Dungeoneer magazine.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll wonder when Judges Guild will publish Tegel Manor II: The Night of the Living Rumps!

Sites Discussed on the Show:

Judges Guild

Goodman Games Judges Guild reprints

Critical Failures by Robert Bevan

Lesser Gnome Extra Life Children’s Hospital Event

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