Episode 109: North Texas RPG Con 2015 Wrap-Up

The DMigoes are back from the 2015 North Texas RPG Con, and have even had a few days to assemble their thoughts. Thrills, chills, and derring-do spills all await you in this episode of Save or Die! Plus DM Liz brushes up on her innuendo skills.

Note: No corsets, speedos, or plastic pitchforks were harmed in the making of this show.

Sites Discussed on the Show:

North Texas RPG Con 2015

The Great Stonehell Lazer Massacre by Michael Curtis

Phoenix Comicon – Jim Butcher seminar

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3 comments on “Episode 109: North Texas RPG Con 2015 Wrap-Up”

    • Treebore

      I’m not crushed anymore, a friend of mine actually listened all the way to the end, so told me about your shout out, so THEN I listened to it! I hope our discussion about Glantri, etc… turns into something.

  1. DM Chase

    I wasn’t grousing! I was complaining that I ended up with basically impossible to kill (armor, hp, regeneration) but couldn’t throw a punch to save my life.
    It was like if Wolverine got sick, so the X-Men had the Blob temp for the spot but without changing their tactics.

    I enjoyed the game and loved playing as “The Iron Armadillo”. Like a west Texas version of The Thing crossed with Beast. ^_^

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