Episode 107: X5 Temple of Death

The DMigos (or ‘Classicists’) are back in black, and are joined by Mike Badolato of the North Texas RPG Con to discuss the 2015 convention in June! After that, BadMikejoins us in going really Old School with a module review of X5: Temple of Death. That’s right! By popular demand, we’re returning to our long dormant (episode 38) review of the Expert series of modules published by TSR in the 1980s. X5: Temple of Death was written for character levels 6 to 10 and penned by David “Zeb” Cook. Come join us as we try to make our own “Save or Death!’

Sites Discussed on the Show:

North Texas RPG Con 2015

X5 at D&D Classics

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2 comments on “Episode 107: X5 Temple of Death”

  1. DM Chase

    Yeah. We’re all getting old. I remember when we used to do 8 hour min games every weekend. The only time we thought it was out of control was when we ran a city siege that lasted 7 hours.

  2. DM_Russ

    It’s been about 20 years since I moved away from my “home group” (to a new state), and while over the years I have had a couple different smaller groups, we’ve never had any game last more than 7-8 hours. My home group, we used to play 3-6 nights/weekend days a week, anywhere from 4-6 hours on a weeknight to damn near all weekend.

    One group I played with (~14 years ago), the host’s house was about 45 minutes from mine, about an hour from work (where we met), and we’d all meet there one night a week after work, and play for 4-6 hours, which was when everyone would need to bail to get home and get 6 hours of sleep to get up for work again.

    My current group (together ~7 years) meets optimally every other Sunday, though we’ve gone as long as two+ months between sessions based on people’s schedules. We play anywhere from 4-5 hours, and that is generally hard capped as one of the guys (who is one of the two main GMs) travels about 65 miles to get there and gets up at 4 am to get ready for work. And that is with him recently moving 20-30 minutes closer recently.

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